Dear Valued Customer;

This Compliance Statement is part of our ongoing efforts to assure our customers that the products we import, sell and distribute satisfy or in many instances exceed federal mandated safety standards and regulatory requirements. 

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, commonly referred to as "CPSIA", imposed new safety requirements regarding the use of lead and phthalates in products intended for use by children under the age of 12.  CPSIA also adopted ASTM F963 as a mandatory safety standard.  Additionally, CPSIA requires domestic manufacturers and importers to satisfy new product testing and certification requirements.  

Makin's USA fully represents that Makin's Brand® products are designed and intended to be used in a manner that is completely safe and does not expose consumers to any health risks.  As such, Makin's USA concludes that the products listed below satisfies all regulatory requirements as provisioned under;  CPSC, CPSIA, Federal Hazardous Substances Act, ASTM F963 safety standards and any other acts administered by CPSC.

  • Makin's Clay®
  • Makin's® Tin Cutters
  • Makin's® Plastic Tools
  • Makin's® Push Molds
  • Makin's® Texture Sheets
  • Makin's Brand® Memory Frame Kits

Pursuant to the new product testing and certification requirements of CPSIA, the General Certificate of Conformity (GCOC) document is available to our customers upon request through the Compliance Office contact information listed below.

Makin's USA has also made the General Certificate of Conformity available to customers in an electronic format (PDF document) below.  Should you have any problems opending this document please contact the Compliance Office through the contact information listed below.


NOTE: to open and read this document you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer and the password provided by Makin's USA Compliance Office


Makin's Clay® products have
been tested and certifed by an independant laboratory to conform to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.


Makin's Clay® products were engineered from the very begining with the safety of consumers in mind. As such, Makin's Clay® is completely envirnomentally safe, free from PVCs, toxins and Phthalates.


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