Newsletter Introduction

Makin's USA values each and every one of the unique and rewarding relationships we share with our Customers, Consumers, Business Affiliates and Colleagues in the industry.  We appreciate the feed-back we receive on almost a daily basis and socialize much of the information internally as it relates to improving the products and services we offer.  Additionally, Makin's USA appreciates the interest in our Company, Makin's Clay® and Makin's Brand® products.  We attribute this interest as being instrumental in the continued growth of our membership subscriptions.

Makin's USA publishes a quarterly newsletter as one of the avenues we use to keep our members updated with topics they might find interesting.  For example, in upcoming newsletters readers will have advanced notice of new products, get a sneak peak at upcoming workshops or tradeshows, and get access to featured articles.

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Dear Makin's USA;

On behalf of all the members of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild, "thank you" for your most generous contribution to our annual raffle!  Your donation of an Ultimate Clay Machine generated much exposure and interest before it was won by one lucky member!  The funds raised will go a long way towards supporting our Guest Artist Program.

Thank you again - we could not have done it without your support!

Denise Pettit

Dear Makin's USA;

I've used Makin's tools for years and highly recommend them.  The Extruder is easy to load and use, the Clay Machine runs smoothly, producing beautiful blends of any thickness and the Cutters are high quality in three sizes for any need.

Penni Jo

Dear Makin's USA;

Thank you so much for the generous donations of clay and supplies for our preschool children.  The children are thorougly enjoying using it and experimenting with three-dimensional forms.  Your kindness helps us to give our children new opportunities in life.

Thank you again!

Jill Mankart
Art Therapist
Boystown National Research Hospital