Nasco Arts & Crafts
and Triarco Arts & Crafts are premier distributors of Makin’s Clay® and Makin’s Brand® products to the art education industry.


In response to growing consumer demand for Makin's Brand® products, we are currently in the process of updating our website to include the distributors and retailers who are authorized to sell Makin's Brand® products.  Our goal is to improve the process for consumers to locate and purchase Makin's Brand® products.

This website will be updated periodically to reflect changes and additions to the current list of authorized distributors and retailers of Makin's Brand® products. 


Makin's Clay® is one of the most convenient and versatile modeling mediums available on the market today.  Makin's Clay® is completely environmentally safe and dries naturally when exposed to average room temperatures.  Today Makin's Clay® products are sold in more than thirty-five countries worldwide.

Makin's Clay® provides consumers with a broad range of applications such as use with plastic, Styrofoam®, wood, cardboard, metal and glass.  Makin's Clay® can be mixed together using two or more colors to achieve any color in the rainbow.  Oil and acrylic paints can be added to Makin's Clay® to achieve a more vibrant color or create a custom color palate.

Polymer clay enthusiasts, art teachers, crafters and fine art designers around the world are choosing Makin's Clay® for their projects.

Makin's® Ultimate Clay Machine®, Ultimate Clay Extruder®, Makin's® ProfessionalTM Tools, Makin's Brand® Cutters, Push Molds and Texture Sheets are fun and easy to use on all types of projects by young crafters, advanced artists and designing professionals alike.

Makin's Clay® and Makin's Brand® products comply with CPSC and CPSIA regulations.