Makin's Clay
"Makin's Air-Dry Clay really made a project with young children fun for them and a cinch for me. In past years, I've provided them with instructions on how to cure their work in the oven at home. This year I decided to use Makin's Clay so it would dry without using an oven. I would recommend Makin's Clay to all the kids and their parents".
Jean T. from Netherlands

"Wonderful for children and adult projects. Easy to work with and mixes well with acrylic paints. To decrease drying time for larger pieces of clay you can place clay on cookie rack."
CraftMaster from Arizona

"I am a miniaturist artisan and ever since I first purchased Makin's Clay, it has been my medium of choice. I have found it to be so much more versatile than other clays that need to be baked and the fact that is can be colored easily with paints by kneading it into the clay makes it that much more adaptable. It is perfect for many applications and I have recommended it often to member of my clubs."
Jacqui M. from Hawaii

"I have used Makin's Clay for several years now. I love the consistency of the clay. It has a smooth and butterly feel. You can roll it out as thin as any baked clay and when air dried it takes ink stamped images perfectly. The image was crisp and clean looking and the best part - no baking. Another thing I really like is the flexibility of the clay when rolled thin. With other air dried clays I have noticed how brittle they are when dry, thick or thin."
Sue K. from Michigan

"This isn't just for children's projects, it's easy to sculpt and the final product is strong and has a little flexibility so delicate pieces (like fingers) aren't so fragile.  It takes paint very well.  Very useful stuff."
Hey You from New Zealand

 "This was part of a gift box for my sister who is getting into making art doll pins. She is delighted with this product. Says it is easily worked, gives nice smooth finish and has a reasonable drying time. She is in San Francisco which has a moist climate during the summer months."
LadyJ from Alabama

"I love this product. No bake so allow 24 hours but I find this to my advantage and it gives me time to  make adjustments, fix mistakes that come out as it dries and I don't mind the wait. This product suits my needs perfectly."
Gia N. from USA

"Makin's Clay is a nice product for kids to work with. I enjoy working with it myself."
Lauita C. from California

Ultimate Clay Machine
"This is the best clay machine I have found so far. It works great with my Fimo, Sculpey and Makin's Clay.  I love the extra thickness settings and non-stick rollers.  It works better than my old machine with steel rollers.  It's a great value for those of us who are on a limited budget."
Kathy G. from Arizona

Best Clay Machine!!!  This is a good, solid machine. I love the rollers on this machine. I teach classes and have used 4 different brands in my classes. Out of all of them, Makin's is the BEST of all of them. Two of the other brands were broken and their setting numbers are opposite of what clay machines use around the world, so it makes it very confusing when adjusting sheet thicknesses is part of the directions, and the settings are numbered in reverse. My Makins machine has lasted 4 years now - it was the only one that I use in my class and home now.  Happy claying!
Loriel13 from Boston, MA

Ultimate Clay Extruder
"I purchased this product for use with sculpey-type polymer clays. That three year old chunk of half-hardened red sculpey will be begging for mercy. Each tip is manufactured very well with no deformation or artifacts present from the stamping out of the holes. The extrusion is predictable and consistent. The caps at either end of the tool threads on rather roughly and are known to squeek. A small compromise on an otherwise flawless tool."
Jim T. R. from Calgary

Best Extruder Ever Made ... I recently purchased this extruder for my art room. I was amazed how easy this extruder works with Makin's, Sculpey and Fimo clays. I used this extruder to help 18 second graders on their Holiday art projects a few weeks ago - well worth its weight in gold!!! The extruder is light weight, easy to clean and proven very durable. I don't know who Mr. Makin's is, but I thank him for his products.
Sister Mary from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Mixing Ruler
"The mixing chart and ruler take all the guess work out of making various colors.  My students really enjoyed using this color chart in making their class project."

Texture Sheets
"Great way to add texture to flat art work. I placed a texture sheet on both sides of rolled clay before placing in the clay machine - it worked wonderful. Embellishments can easily be added to clay afterwards. Convenient size makes texture sheets very portable for clay classes."
Clay-n-Play from Colorado

"I love the fact they're so versatile. They're flexible which makes them better than other rigid texture plates and mounted stamps. You can see through them so you know exactly where to put them and the size 7"x5" is the perfect size. They fit perfectly through the pasta machine unlike other larger sheets that I've seen. I also like the fact that they're inexpensive and the texture sheets make great little gifts for far away crafters.
Sandra E. from Canada

Professional Clay Tool Sets
Lotsa little tools.  We are doing stop motion films and find this set to be very useful in our sculpturing.
Cloe from Wisconsin

Great Tools For The Art Room!  I recently purchased these tools for my art room. I found these tools to be very useful when working with clay and other modeling mediums. These tools are very durable, easy to clean up and I love the bright green color.
Sister Mary from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Dear Makin's USA;

On behalf of all the members of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild, "thank you" for your most generous contribution to our annual raffle! Your donation of an Ultimate Clay Machine generated much exposure and interest before it was won by one lucky member!  The funds raised will go along way towards supporting our Guest Artist Program. "Thank You" again - we couldn't have done it without your support!


Denise Pettit
Corresponding Secretary

Dear Makin's USA;

I've used Makin's tools for years and highly recommend them.  The extruder is easy to load and use, the Clay Machine runs smoothly, producing beautiful blends of any thickness and the cutters are high quality in three sizes for any need.

Penni Jo


Dear Makin's USA;

Thank you so much for the generous donation of clay and supplies for our preschool children.  They (the children) are thoroughly enjoying using it and experimenting with the three - dimensional forms.  Your kindness helps us to give our children new opportunities in life.

Thank you again!

Jill Mankart
Art Therapist
Boystown National Research Hospital