Distributors Wanted

Makin's USA, is the authorized importer of Makin's Brand® products to customers in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and US Territories. 

In response to an increasing consumer demand for Makin's Clay® products, tools and accessories, Makin's USA is currently looking for more distributors.  Distributors of Makin's Brand® products will fulfill a strategic role in our product supply chain and be responsible for ensuring the Makin's Brand® products are available to retailers in the market segements we serve.

If you are a distributor and have the capacity for new product, Makin's USA would like to talk to you.  Please select the "Contact Us" page above.  Choose the "Become a Distributor" from the drop-down option.  Complete the required information fields.  Use the comments fields to provide any specific information about the nature of your company and the market segments served. 

This website will be updated periodically to reflect changes and additions to the current list of authorized distributors of Makin's Brand® products.